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DriverSide's automotive industry research provides insights into industry trends and challenges, covering issues related to car maintenance, car repair, buying and selling and consumer behavior. DriverSide presents research studies, white papers and webinars periodically to help auto dealers and light repair centers overcome business challenges, grow their customer base and increase sales. With more than a million registered users, DriverSide is the only website dedicated to helping car owners get more from their cars and is uniquely able to report on issues pertaining to vehicle ownership.

"Why Your Service Department Is Costing You Car Deals"
Kevin Root
Author: Kevin Root
VP of Product Strategy DriverSide, Inc.
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Published in the DrivingSales Innovation Guide and Vendor ratings report, this article, authored by Kevin Root, DriverSide's VP of Product Strategy, explains social media's impact on sales and the 3R's that improve today's service marketing: Relevancy, Reputation and Results.

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"Service Marketing 2010: New Solutions for New Challenges"

Decreased sales rates are putting more pressure on fixed operations to deliver profits. This is becoming more challenging as we experience a full-on attack on the customer base. Learn how to fight changing market conditions, aggressive advances from competitors and changes in consumer perceptions and social media.

Presented by DriverSide in partnership with R. L. Polk & Co., the white paper "Service Marketing 2010: New Solutions for New Challenges," discussed:

  • The latest research findings on the challenges facing service marketing.
  • Simple and effective marketing solutions that can help you overcome these challenges.
  • How advances in data mining and incentive optimizations can increase your sales.

This study is authored by Kevin Root, VP of Product Strategy at DriverSide, a frequent keynote speaker on automotive eCommerce and service performance improvement.

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October 2009 Study
Community Service: Americans Race to Local Car Repair Shops

It's hard enough to find a good mechanic these days - how can you also make sure you're getting what you pay for? A study by DriverSide and Kelton Research finds that those with recent vehicle repair experience feel most comfortable placing their beloved vehicles in the hands of independent businesses in their community, not repair chains or dealership service centers. And this action comes with a reward. Such local shops usually provide the best service for their dollars without overcharging.

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Aug 2009 Study
Maintenance 101: American Car Owners Too Lax About Their Vehicles

In recent years, America's driving population has been slowly getting smarter about life on the road, from finding creative ways to conserve gas to buying hybrid cars. And with the federal government offering incentives for more environmentally-friendly vehicles, millions of drivers will soon find themselves behind the wheel of new, improved models. But after years of caring for inferior vehicles, are they really ready to maintain these new rides? According to a study by DriverSide and Kelton Research, many car owners are rusty at some basic car care duties, despite their claims that they know what they're doing.

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Feb 2009 Study
Keeping It In Neutral: Cost-Conscious Drivers Holding Onto Their Cars

Today's savvy consumers are constantly looking for ways to save money during this economic slowdown. With the U.S. automotive industry suffering a 37 percent decline in car and truck sales in the month on January 2009, it's clear that cars are falling to the bottom of consumers' shopping lists. A survey by DriverSide and Kelton Research finds the vast majority of American car owners are keeping their vehicles longer than they first thought.

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June 2008 Study
Driven By Doubt, Americans Lack Confidence In Car Costs And Care

Rising gas prices, a faltering economy and a poor job market mean more and more people are pressed for time and money. In a survey by DriverSide and Kelton Research, Americans say the upkeep of a car can take up too much of both. Between dealing with unscrupulous mechanics and taking the time out of their busy lives to perform regular maintenance, Americans across the country are finding car care a challenging chore.

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